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Sprinkler systems provide an additional method of either life safety or building protection for a variety of different commercial and residential developments. With a correctly designed and installed project, the sprinkler system will not only sense the outbreak of fire but also release water to the effected area to control the blaze until further action can be taken. This method of fire protection has saved buildings and more importantly lives since they were introduced over a hundred years ago. Our team of qualified engineers and designers specialise in the commercial refurbishment, retail and residential markets and can offer piece of mind on any projects with deadlines and certification to the LPCB standard. If you have any enquires our team can advise and provide free site surveys to clarify any outstanding points.



The purpose of a hose reel is to provide a steady flow of water to the point of a fire that has broken out. Hose reels are essential for any high rise / industrial developments were quick and easy access of the fire brigade can not be achieved. Our team of skilled engineers can carry out the annual maintenance of these systems whether they are fed from the normal water supply or from a pumped system. Our maintenance team ensure that the hose's are still intact and just as importantly the flow of water through the hose is adequate.



Dry riser systems are installed to buildings to aid the fire brigade attack a fire situation within the building itself. A dry riser compiles of an inlet valve situated on the outside of the building which is used by the fire brigade to pump water into the riser that runs throughout the building floors. Each floor in turn houses an outlet valve for which the fire brigade can connect their hose and fight the fire on the particular floor that the fire is. Our skilled team can carry out the annual maintenance of the dry riser, pressure testing the riser to the appropriate pressures and provide the certificates required for the building requirements.



Fire Extinguishers are essential in today’s rules and regulations to satisfy any minimum insurance requirements for a building. Fire extinguishers are the first line in fighting the outbreak of fire at its early stage. Fire extinguishers can be used by the occupants of the building if an outbreak is detected early enough. Our fully qualified engineers offer a no fuss maintenance regime based on one off set price for the maintenance determined by the number of units within the building. Once the service has been carried out a fully comprehensive quotation will be issued for the repair requirements.

Mechanical Division

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